Ugly football

November 13, 2009 at 12:33 am 1 comment


In the wake of concerned media stories about the cognitive deficits of football players (see here and here), the WSJ asks: “Is it time to retire the football helmet?

One of the strongest arguments for banning helmets comes from the Australian Football League. While it’s a similarly rough game, the AFL never added any of the body armor Americans wear. When comparing AFL research studies and official NFL injury reports, AFL players appear to get hurt more often on the whole with things like shoulder injuries and tweaked knees. But when it comes to head injuries, the helmeted NFL players are about 25% more likely to sustain one.

On a somewhat related note, graphic designer Ken Carbone updates the three ugliest team football helmets in the NFL. Teams with “Helmets in Need” include the Washington Redskins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, “whose visually complicated logos become a graphic mess when televised and, I imagine, even if you’re sitting on the fifty-yard line.”

The New England Patriots, according to Carbone, are the team most in need of a helmet makeover. “The Patriots’ helmet is plastered with their logo, which comes dangerously close to looking like a wind-swept John Kerry dressed up like a Minute Man. If there was ever a time to go with the obvious this is it. Why not really play the patriotic card and star and stripe the helmet?”

The result (via kottke):




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