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Quick break from break…

A couple quick and interesting reads…

  • Dude looks like a lady. “We’re familiar with drug testing for athletes, but officials at the Beijing Olympics will be taking things one stage further and examining competitors whose sex is in doubt. And it is far from being a new problem, as Emine Saner discovers.”
  • The WSJ asks if Obama is too fit to be president. “Facing an overweight electorate, Barack Obama might find low body fat a drawback.” No longer are we electing a president based on who we want to have a beer with, but maybe based on who’s beer belly looks the most like ours. Wow.
  • Better than Wikipedia. The BBC’s Religion & Ethics website devotes a microsite to discussion about ethics and sport, including the pros and cons for legislating doping.
  • In the most recent edition of Nature, Andy Miah offers a review of the book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, a memoir written by Haruki Murakami and translated by Philip Gabriel. You can read Miah’s review, “Inside the Mind of a Marathon Runner,” by clicking here.
  • And if the summer weather is not enough an incentive to get out and play, a recent survey of 9 to 11 year-old children conducted by BBC Wildlife Magazine reveals that just half of these youngsters were able to recognize a daddy long-legs or oak-tree. The Independent concludes that “Children have lost touch with the natural world.”

The study also found that playing in the countryside was children’s least popular way of spending their spare time, and that they would rather see friends or play on their computer than go for a walk or play outdoors.

Dr Martin Maudsley, play development officer for Playwork Partnerships, at the University of Gloucestershire, said that adults had become too protective of wild places: “Environmental sensitivities should not be prioritised over children.”

He said: “Play is the primary mechanism through which children engage and connect with the world, and natural environments are particularly attractive, inspiring and satisfying for kids. Something magical occurs when children and wild spaces mix.”

Time for magic! Turn off the computer, get outside, and play! See you in September.

Play, think…
J. R. Atwood


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Play is the beginning of knowledge.

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